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Interesting Links

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General Interest - Turtles and Tortoises



  • Tortoise Trust The TORTOISE TRUST is the world's largest tortoise and turtle organization, with members in more than 26 countries. For almost 20 years the Tortoise Trust has consistently developed new methods of husbandry, and has actively campaigned for the conservation and protection of tortoises and turtles around the world.
  • Tortoise Protection Group This site is dedicated to helping ensure the survival of tortoises in the wild by campaigning for a ban on the importation of tortoises for the commercial pet trade, and to promote high standards of husbandry to tortoise keepers in the UK.
  • Gopher Tortoise Council The Gopher Tortoise Council (GTC) was formed in 1978 by a group of biologists and others concerned about the range-wide decline of the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus).
  • Gopher Tortoise Fact Sheet From the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
  • The Gopher Tortoise Organization and Gopher Tortoise Services Inc.
  • Egyptian Tortoise Testudo kleinmanni Its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .
  • The Russian Tortoise This site is dedicated to the wonderful Russian tortoise, Agrionemys horsfieldii. A great reference with links on nutrition, general care and breeding.

Sea Turtles

  • H.E.A.R.T Help Endangered Animals - Ridley Turtles - Carole Allen's site.
  • Turtle Trax A Page Devoted to Marine Turtles

Turtle and Tortoise Societies

  • East Texas Herpetological Society ETHS is dedicated to the education of its members and the general public about the natural history, ecology, husbandry, conservation, proper care and treatment of reptiles and amphibians.
  • California Turtle and Tortoise Society Dedicated to Turtle & Tortoise Preservation, Conservation, Study and Education, Since 1964.
  • Chicago Herpetological Society The Chicago Herpetological Society is a group of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. Its goals are education, conservation and the advancement of herpetology.
  • New York Turtle and Tortoise Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the conservation, preservation of habitat, and the promotion of proper husbandry and captive propagation of turtles and tortoises.
  • San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society is a federally registered non-profit California Corporation comprised of individuals sharing a common interest in chelonians and is dedicated to the preservation of existing wild populations along with a better understanding and knowledge of care for those animals already in captivity.
  • Dallas Forth Worth Turtle & Tortoise Club A site for those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to come together, discuss and obtain a better understanding of care for our chelonians.
  • American Tortoise Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt and protect all species of tortoise and turtle.

Texas Chelonians

Reptile Rescues